Tyler is a four year old receiving preschool services from ECI in the Southeast Polk school district.  This fall he was a young four year old who barely made the cut-off for preschool eligibility.  He was assessed by an early learning parent educator funded by Polk County ECI and was determined to have very low pre-literacy skills and to be developmentally behind a typical developing child.  Because this family does not have transportation to get to and from statewide voluntary preschool, they applied for a tuition voucher through ECI.  The ECI parent educator was able to place Tyler in a quality program that can serve him in a more comprehensive manner.  During home visits the parent educator is working with Tyler and his school age sister on educational games and activities they can play together.  Tyler and his sister enjoy working together and both have made significant gains in literacy skills.  Tyler will start kindergarten this fall ready to learn.

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